Some say the Fisker Brothers started this before they could even walk



We always find it interesting to collaborate with people from other fields of work

Rune Fisker, co-founder




When my brother got an 8mm film camera, we toned down our fireworks experiments in the garage in favor of making small stop motion movies with clay characters.

Esben Fisker on the beginnings of working creatively with his brother, Rune




In a way our work is a strange combination of collaboration and pure escapism

Esben Fisker, co-founder




When we become engrossed in our work time and space cease to exist. When reality returns, you have created something permanent and hopefully amazing!

Rune Fisker, co-founder


Benny Box is a Danish design studio founded by brothers Rune Fisker and Esben Fisker in 2005.

For more than ten years we have been practicing our great fascination of anything visual, colorful and graphic, by specialising in animation, illustration and motion graphics.

Our passion is to create worlds, situations and characters that are an alternative to the sometimes grey everyday life. Parallel universes you can dive into and disappear in.

This is how it has always been. Ever since we grew up as two gangly boys in the small village, Sneslev, a couple of hours drive from Copenhagen.


Being the only boys in the neighbourhood who hated soccer, we devoured comic books for hours. And it was back then – while fighting zombies as sly kung fu fighters or mentally leaving the solar system in shiny spaceships – we took the first steps to what later became Benny Box.

Today we work as professional designers. Enriched with degrees from The Royal Danish Academy of Arts we make visual storytelling for big companies such as Norwegian, Gehl Architects, and DR.

Our aim is to make design that moves, visually as well as emotionally – and always with the sincere hope that graphic curiosity and visual playfulness will continue being the core of our work.

Now that you know our dark secrets, dive into our



We work within a broad range of creative services, and love to be a part of the creative proces from idea to execution!


Along the years we have established a method of working creatively with our clients, that ensures we deliver the best possible solution for everyone.

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