Urging politicians to invest in education

Client: Danske Underviserorganisationers Samråd

Invest in our children’s education. We simply can’t afford not to. We partnered with seven different organisations on a film urging politicians to invest more in our public education system.

Overcrowded classrooms and too few teachers are a big problem in our education system and if we fail to understand that, we may end up ruining one essential part of the Danish welfare system – free and equal access to an education for all.
All seven organisations represented their own part of the education system so we had to find an overall message that would resonate with all. After some talk back and forth we decided to keep the message simple – we need to invest in our children’s education in order for us all to succeed in the future.


Client: Danske Underviserorganisationers Samråd

Concept & Storyline: Benny Box

Art direction & design: Benny Box

Production: Benny Box

Sound design: Epic Sound

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