Film about Amnesty Lifeline

Client: Amnesty

Amnesty has so many important messages and we loved working with them on this film about Lifeline.

Lifeline is Amnesty Internationals mobile service where you can sign petitions directly from your phone. You sign petitions simply by writing AKTION. 180.000 Danes have already joined Lifeline and hopefully the number will keep growing.
We wanted to convey a story that would encourage and empower more people to join Lifeline. We also wanted to show how easy it is to help a human being in need. It literally only takes a few seconds and you may be able to help save an innocent from being executed, tortured or sentenced to a life in prison.



Client: Amnesty

Storyline: Benny Box

Art direction & design: Benny Box

Production: Benny Box

Sound design: Epic Sound