A Magical Christmas Animation

Client:  Anthon Berg / Bythenetwork / Whorthyourwhile

Christmas is a magical season, and in Denmark we associate it with chocolate made by Danish chocolatier Anthon Berg. Together with Worth Your While and By The Network, we wove a bright story of a small town with a little chocolate store, an unlucky shopkeeper’s assistant, and a sense of Christmas spirit. The animation also contains numerous snack-sized stories that all work together to bring the magic of Anthon Berg to life.

We spent a lot of time working on where to focus our attention in the lively town. Telling many stories at once is a challenge. Luckily, the limited color palette really brought all the details together. Special elements like the expressive main characters were all hand-animated. Scroll down, press play, and get into the chocolaty spirit of Christmas.

Client: Anthon Berg / Worthyourwhile / Bythenetwork

Concept development: Worthyourwhile  

Art director: Esben Fisker

Character designs: Benny Box

Production / Animation: Benny Box