Main Titles

Main Titles for Netflix series

Client: Apple Tree Productions / Netflix 

We created the title sequence for the eerie mystery series ‘Equinox’ working closely with the creators of the series

The Main title sequence is a disorienting and constant journey through the surreal interconnected world of’ Equinox’.

Is there a grand scheme to the twisted sceneries we are going through, or is it a twisted look into the confused mind of the main character, Astrid? Like Astrid we are trying to figure out what is real and what isn’t, but the scenanerios float by and are gone before we can grasp them.

We wanted the titles to be dark, eerie and have a sense of a force or presence larger and stranger than humanity, with it’s own rules and logic. 

Client: Apple Tree Productions / Netflix

Idea and concept development: Benny Box

Creative director: Esben Fisker

Production: Benny Box

Design, compositing and grading: Esben Fisker

3D artist: August Kyrø

Logo animation: Mikkel Borris

Composers: Kristian Leth & Fridolin Nordsø

Sound design: Morten Groth Brandt