Campaign site encouraging people to buy ecological

Client: Danmarks Naturfredningsforening

Did you know that much of the conventional fruits and vegetables we eat are full of pesticides and essentially poison?

We teamed up with Danmarks Naturfredningsforening (The Danish Society for Nature Conservation) to try and communicate the dangers of conventional farming to the Danish people. Instead of taking a traditional approach to a campaign site we chose to go in a more fun and playful direction in order to engage people in the subject with the use of animation and humorous elements. We didn’t want to bore people with a lecture on pesticides and the damage they do to us and the environment. We created three clickable characters representing the different types of consumers. One in favour of ecological farming, one in opposition to it and one not sure. Depending on your choice of character the website would scroll to a new page with more information. The aim with the campaign was to send a message to the farmers and the politicians in charge of regulating the area, that the Danish people prefer ecologically grown fruits and vegetables. To sum up we had a great collaboration with the talented people at Danmarks Naturfredningsforening and we hope to do it again sometime soon. Below you can see the different pages from the campaign site.



Client: Danmarks Naturfredningsforening

Concept and idea development: Benny Box

Art direction & design: Benny Box

Animation: Benny Box

Programming: Benny Box

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