Campaign shining a light on men’s fertility

Client: Københavns Kommune

We created this campaign for The City of Copenhagen with the purpose of shining a light on men’s fertility and the risk of reduced sperm quality.

There are a lot of myths concerning men’s fertility, and a lot of men are not aware that that lifestyle choices and age is affecting men’s fertility in a degree that is not that different from women. The purpose of this campaign is to make men in the age group 25-35 stop and think about if they want children and when. We want young couples to be aware that it can take a long time to get pregnant, and that fertility treatments are a long process that doesn’t always end up with a succesful pregnancy. The overall goal is to make young people who wants children, start trying at the age when they are most fertile. This saves the individual couples from a lot of grief and stress, saves our society from a lot of expenses and makes the chance of having children if you wan’t to more likely.
The campaign aired in november 2018 and spanned across films on Social Media, Cinema ads, outdoor posters, free postcards and more.

Early sketches on the concept for the campaign

Client: Københavns Kommune

Storyline: Benny Box

Art direction & design: Benny Box

Production: Benny Box

Sound design: Epic Sound