Bringing history to life on Netflix

Client:  Mer film / Netflix

We had the pleasure to create three unique 20 second Title Sequences for the Netflix Limited Series WAR SAILOR about the Norwegian trade fleets’ role in World War II.

We worked with the idea of a tear or rift in the lives of the main characters, ripping apart everything in spite of hope and dedication. The horizon-line was central to Gunnar Vikene and was cleverly used visually throughout the series, and we worked with the horizon as a divider, a symbol of the rift and the uncertain future.

Images are divided by water, the horizon, broken rubble, shiplines etc. often showing two motifs in each image, symbolising contrasts like: Over, and under, home and away, alive and dead, physical presence and mental state.

We made each title sequence rotate softly back and forth
-every scene had this connected rotation as if the whole sequence played out on a boat in stormy waters

Concept & design: Benny Box

Creative Director: Esben Fisker

Production: Benny Box

Photography: Sturla Brandth Grøvlen

Composer: Volker Bertelmann

Client Manager: Caroline Madsen

Project Manager: Cecilie Grue Jacobsen