Title sequence for Norwegian crime series

Client: CineNord / ViaPlay

A serial killer shakes the small Norwegian town Larvik at it’s core, and criminal investigator William Wisting must hunt down the killer. Wisting is based on best selling crime novels by Jørn Lier Horst, and we aimed to create an eerie feeling of something sinister lurking beneath the surface of everyday life.

We collaborated closely with Mette Lybæk Isager who edited the sequence. The goal was to make a title sequence using mostly arial shots from Larvik, Norway where the series takes place, adding layers of water, dirt and distortion to the scenery to convey a feeling of displacement, decay and discomfort. We wanted to show that something is not right here, something is lurking, coming up to the surface and ripping the small town society slowly apart.

Client: CineNord / ViaPlay

Idea and concept development: Mette Lybæk Isager & Benny Box

Art direction & design: Benny Box

Editing: Mette Lybæk Isager

Directors of Photography: Jørgen Johansson & Linus Eklund

Post production & Grading: Benny Box

Composer: Jacob Groth