We create emotional stories

Benny Box is Danish design studio founded 2006, crafting vibrant worlds, characters, and stories as an alternative to mundane life. Surprising our clients with great concepts, delivering top-notch service and expertise. We have over 15+ years of diverse client collaborations, from concept to flawless execution.

Since 2019, Benny Box collaborated with Dwarf A/S to create meaningful digital experiences for children. This partnership grew stronger, leading to Benny Box becoming part of Dwarf in 2022. Together, we we embark on exciting adventures while maintaining our independence.



Motion and animation projects

We bring stories to life through emotional animation, guiding your message, strategies, and platform selection with expertise.

Title sequences & TV identities

We believe the title sequence sets the tone, atmosphere, and mood of a series or film. With extensive industry experience, we distill themes into one sentence, creating captivating visuals.

Digital and Interactive design

Together with Dwarf we team up to craft engaging digital campaigns, captivating audiences through campaign sites and games while ensuring the message shine.


We master all types of illustrations – editorial, corporate, and personal. A good illustration communicate the right message and work both on its own and in a context.