This is Benny Box

We deliver character-based storytelling with an emotional angle

Benny Box is a Danish design studio founded by brothers Rune Fisker and Esben Fisker in 2005.

Our passion is to create worlds, situations and characters that are an alternative to the sometimes grey everyday life. We make a virtue of always providing the best service and expertise to our clients.

With more than 10 years of experience working with all sorts of people and businesses, we have a tried and tested way of handling a project, all the way from the initial concept and story development to the final execution and finishing touches.

Today Benny Box is driven by Esben Fisker as Rune is pursuing his own illustration career –see his work here! -we still collaborate with Rune when ever we have a project that would benefit from it.

We believe that the best way for companies and organisations to communicate is by creating meaningful and emotionally driven stories that everybody can understand and relate to.

No matter what you’re trying to tell people, we can help you communicate it in a fun, engaging and reliable way through animation, illustration and motion graphics. In other words we help you cut to the chase and get rid of the clutter disguising your message, leaving just your main message intended for your core audience.

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We always find it interesting to collaborate with people from other fields of work

Esben Fisker, Creative Director & founder

We aim to work closely with our clients, to deliver creative products that resonates perfectly with our clients target audience

Esben Fisker, Creative Director & founder

When my brother got an 8mm film camera, we toned down our fireworks experiments in the garage in favor of making small stop motion movies with clay characters.

Esben Fisker on the beginnings of working creatively with his brother, Rune

Benny Box has worked with a number of clients throughout the years.
These are some of them:

Now that you know our dark secrets, dive into our



Along the years we have established a method of working creatively with our clients, that ensures we deliver the best possible solution for everyone.


We work within a broad range of creative services, and love to be a part of the creative proces from idea to execution!

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