How we work

We have a tried and tested way of working creatively
that allows us to deliver what you need

Here are the 5 stages of our creative process. This way of working invites our clients to be part of the creative process, and gives us the tools we need to solve your problems -maybe in a whole new way you didn’t expect.


We listen and learn

We talk, we learn about your ideas, visions and obstacles. We investigate source material, talk some more so we understand each other and start on the right path.


We make an agreement together

We are doing it! And it’s going to be great.
Let’s shake hands on it and get the boring stuff out of the way


We find the path and start inventing

We begin to develop the idea, try out a lot of directions, and make a lot of sketches.

This is the fun part!


You evaluate, we listen and adapt

We present our ideas, our thoughts and process to you, and you evaluate. Are we on the right path, should we test out this and that? This part usually sends us back to inventing, and we go back and forth between inventing and evaluating with you.

It’s like a dance, and slowly we are perfecting it!


We execute and deliver

And then suddenly we are there!

Our collaborative effort has lead us to the finished product. This collaboration is what makes our work special! That you were there when it was created, you were part of the process.

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