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Esben Fisker
Creative Director & Founder


Phone: +45 26 84 46 17

As Creative Director and partner in Benny Box, Esben oversees both strategic, creative and business aspects of ongoing projects, and the studio  in general.


Caroline Madsen
Client Manager


Phone: +45 30 12 75 75

Caroline is our new Client Manager, kindly borrowed from our partners at Dwarf.
She’s bringing a whole new level of vision, structure and service for our clients, and is always open for a talk about potential projects and new opportunities.

Sigurd Grelck
Art Director


Phone: +45 53 62 77 28

Sigurd has a focus on finding the right concept for every project that comes his way, and a keen eye for executing that concept to perfection.  Sigurd is working with both Art Direction and concept development as well as getting his hands dirty with illustration, character design, animation and motion graphics.

Camilla Woldby Sørensen
Motion designer


Camilla excels at both motion design, digital painting and traditional frame-by-frame animation. She is working with both design development, storyboarding and animation, and she did the wonderful backgrounds for ‘The Wanderers’.

Maja Lomholdt
Motion designer


Maja is our newest addition to the team, and she is already plowing through creative work like it was butter.
Maja has a keen eye for both character animation, motion design and graphic design