Nordisk Film Biografer

70mm. format visualised

We helped Nordisk Film Biografer communicate the magic of their 70 mm. Cinema projectors with an animated introduction film for their largest Cinemas in Denmark.
70 mm. is the last real celluloid film roll cinema format used, and the analogue process coupled with the large frame format gives a unique and authentic cinema experience. It is the preferred format for film directors such as Quintin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan for a reason.
We were very proud to have this film released as an introduction to 70 mm. for the premiere of Dune 2 in the 70 mm. format.

countdownDirector editing


storyboard 70mm
Styleframe colors
styleframe gradientstyleframe 70mm


Concept & Art Direction

Camilla Woldby Sørensen
Maja Lomholdt

Creative Director

Esben Fisker


Camilla Woldby Sørensen
Maja Lomholdt
Frederik E. E. Jørgensen
Sigurd Grelck

Sound design

Camilla Woldby Sørensen

David Filskov