Anthon Berg / by The Network / Worth Your While

A Christmas to remember

Experience Danish Christmas magic with Anthon Berg chocolate. Our animation weaves a lively tale in a small town, brimming with festive spirit. Discover snack-sized stories that add to the magic of Anthon Berg. Hand-animated characters, a limited palette, and expressive details unite in this vibrant narrative. Scroll down, press play, and get into the chocolaty spirit of Christmas.

The campaign has run for 2 christmas seasons with good results:
47% increase in Anthon Bergs relevance as a Christmas Brand.
28% increased intention of bouying Anthon Berg Chocolate.
67% thinks that this universe makes Anthon Berg & Christmas belong together.
32% could imagine wanting to see this ad every Christmas.

christmas city nighttime
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character sketches
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Anthon Berg

Worth Your While

by The Network

Concept development

Worth Your While

Art director

Esben Fisker

Character designs

Benny Box


Benny Box


Benny Box