Ocean / Honeytrap Film

Magical grocery shopping

We helped Honeytrap Film and Ocean Agency bring the illustrations of Martin Gekko to life in this magical campaign film fusing live action and animation. We used motion tracking to integrate animations and illustrated elements, and we worked with both 2D and cell shadet 3D animation to make Martin's graphic illustration style fit into a real world. After a very well-received first film, we were lucky enough to team up with Honeytrap for a second film.

woman and child looking at fishwoman walking outside
street overlaid with food

Lige til at spise 2

father and daughter cutting vegetablesboy looking at watermelon balloon
animated bell pepper smiling




Honeytrap Film


Simon Bonde

Animation, compositing & tracking

Benny Box


Laust Trier Mørk

Editing & grading

Larsen VFX