woman with ice floating behind her

DR Drama / Netflix / SAM Productions

Black gold, white ice

After a 9-year hiatus, Danish political drama 'Borgen' returns with 'Power & Glory.' Benny Box crafted a fresh Main Title Sequence, echoing the new season's premise of Greenland's oil discovery and its impact on Danish-Greenlandic ties.

The sequence portrays fractured icebergs against dark oceans, symbolizing character conflicts and Birgitte Nyborg's power struggle. The contrast of culture and nature is achieved through ice, paper, and timelapse visuals, conveying a poignant message.

This sequel, a co-production of DR Drama, SAM Productions, and Netflix, revisits the beloved series with subtle nods to its original title sequence.

ripped photography of man with glasses
blonde woman on drift ice fractured female face on drift ice
torn photo of woman in front of window
town council building in the sea surrounded by drifting iceface hidden behind oil spill on ice

Making Power & Glory

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printed imagesprinted images
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Concept & Design

Benny Box

Creative Director

Esben Fisker

Production & Grading

Benny Box


Eric Kress

DFF Annie Spratt

Jonas Høholt


August Fenger Janson

Sound design

Hans Christian Kock