DR Ramasjang

redesigning the kids' heroes of ramasjang

With Danish TV channel Ramasjang, known for its diverse characters, we faced a challenge — translating a huge amount of live actors, dolls & puppets into cohesive character designs for apps, games and other digital media. We developed 32 bold, recognisable character designs, united by strong black strokes. These designs, with individual uniqueness, transcend platforms, and are adapted into animations for apps, online universes, TV and games.

Rosa rouladegade
Onkel rejeChristian
Onkel Reje
Hr Skæg

Creating the style

Onkel Reje design journey



DR Ramasjang

DR Design

Art Direction & Design

Benny Box

Project manager

Jens Vinggaard

Digital Editor, DR Ramasjang

Katrine Granholm Mortensen

Designer, DR Design

Sune Christiansen

Project manager, DR Design

Anne Toft Thomsen