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DR Drama

Unraveling Faith's Complexity

For 'Herrens Veje' (Ride upon the Storm), a series delving into faith's depths, we created a symbol-rich title sequence. Illuminating faith's journey and loss, we utilized light and dark metaphors to evoke profound questions about belief, drawing from biblical inspiration while transcending religious boundaries. This co-production between DR Drama, SAM Francais, and Studio Canal unites diverse themes.

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two naked people embracing in the darka child walking on a street littered with dead birds
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people eating and drinking together in a dimly lit room
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DR Drama

Idea and concept development

Benny Box

Art direction & design

Benny Box


Benny Box

DR Drama

Director of Photography

Aske Alexander Foss

Lighting Director

Martin Lerche

Post production

Benny Box




Kristian Leth

Fridolin Nordsø


Claus Hempler