three guys playing jazz

Benny Box

Jazz that nobody asked for

Explore the horrors of Jazz music in a short film, 'Jazz that nobody asked for.' Sometimes a song can get stuck in your mind. Become a little piece of unwanted music, that keeps looping for the rest of your day. Jazz that nobody asked for is an ode to all those unwanted songs stuck in peoples’ heads.

An internet sensation with 140K+ plays in 2 months, earning a 'Vimeo staff pick' and touring global festivals.

Jazz in a car
Dead sailorHouse
ChoppingSpiral of jazz

Making of the short film

StoryboardEsben Fisker working on Jazz that nobody asked for


Idea & Story

Benny Box


Benny Box

Art direction & design

Benny Box

Character animation

Pawel Binczycki
Benny Box

Sound design

Pawel Binczycki


‘Quaker City Jazz’ - Jan Savitt and his Top Hatters

‘Intro’ - Balkan Balagan


Benny Box