DR Ramasjang

Join Your Favorite TV Characters on the Field

Dwarf and Benny Box crafted a kid-friendly football game for Ramasjang, timed for the November '22 World Cup finals. The focus was on inclusive fun over intense competition. The game lets players choose Ramasjang characters, engaging in drills and matches at various locations like a pirate ship or obstacle-filled workshop. The game's success keeps kids entertained, as football fever returns to Ramasjang's world.

Ready for the main event
Player cards


Onkelreje farting on Rosa
Motor Mille power upMotor Mille and Onkelreje flaing soccor
Game world sketch
Joggling game sketchGoal game sketch



DR Ramasjang

Digital Editor, DR Ramasjang

Katrine Granholm Mortensen

Game development


Art direction

Benny Box


Benny Box