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Mer film / Netflix

Making history come alive on Netflix

We crafted three unique 20-second Title Sequences for Netflix's WAR SAILOR limited series. The sequences embody the Norwegian trade fleets' WWII role. Inspired by a rift in the main characters' lives, we used the horizon as a divider, symbolising uncertainty. The visuals feature water, rubble, and shiplines, juxtaposing contrasts like over/under, home/away, and life/death. These convey the essence of the series, capturing Gunnar Vikene's central horizon-line concept and the characters' emotional journey.

man lying on raft in water on top of people in basement
man overlayed stormy weather
woman with war planes overlay
man with wife overlaycouple hugging underneath water
man walking from smoke and fire
war sailor title image

Emulating being on a ship


Concept & design

Benny Box

Creative Director

Esben Fisker


Benny Box


Sturla Brandth Grøvlen


Volker Bertelmann

Client Manager

Caroline Madsen

Project Manager

Cecilie Grue Jacobsen