wisting standing in rainy night, from season 2 title sequence

CineNord / ViaPlay

Wisting Title sequence

In 'Wisting,' based on Jørn Lier Horst's novels, criminal investigator William Wisting confronts a serial killer unsettling the Norwegian town Larvik. Our title sequence, curated with Mette Lybæk Isager, employs aerial shots of Larvik, augmented with layers of distortion, water, and dirt. We evoke a sense of eerie unease, hinting at the underlying darkness beneath the town's façade.

dog sleigh on snow seen from drone viewpoint
credits title with seaguls flyingroundabout in snowy weather filmed from drone with credits overlay
close up of dead horse lying in snow
sun peaking out behind rainy cloudsnorwegian town cityscape with rainy graphic overlay
light rays under water with credits overlay





Idea and concept development

Mette Lybæk Isager

Benny Box

Art direction & design

Benny Box


Mette Lybæk Isager

Directors of Photography

Jørgen Johansson

Linus Eklund

Post production & Grading

Benny Box


Jacob Groth